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Coffee and Exercise

Coffee and Exercise are perfect partners

Caffeine and dopamine, or coffee and exercise are my drugs of choice.  Both are part of my morning ritual as natural as waking up itself.  I wake on on auto pilot ready to face I neatly place a pair shorts and sneakers next to my bed each night in preparation for dressing in the dark.  I fill my kettle the night before so I can begin the boil immediately upon entering the kitchen.  While the temperature slowly rises to a perfect 204 degrees, I prep the coffee for brewing and let the dogs search the backyard for signs evening intruders to the garden.  

Once brewed, I pour my first cup. The first sip of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at 5:15 am absolutely ranks near the top of my favorite things.  I am an addict of coffee and exercise.

Once my coffee is complete, I need my fix of dopamine.  It is truly a fantastic drug, and it it highly addictive.  The feeling of euphoria and stress relieving qualities are unrivaled.  Your body is like a car in the Winter.  Everything settled overnight, and it needs to get warmed up before you can just rip down the highway.  Collapsing to the ground after a hard earned workout also ranks very near the top of my favorite things. I am an addict of coffee and exercise.

As is turns out, caffeine and dopamine are perfect partners.  They enhance each other.  They make each other better.  

Why do we drink coffee?  

Most people use coffee as a ritual or tool to wake up or start their day. They use it to start moving. As Newton said “An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion.” I am paraphrasing, but the idea can be applied to our attitudes as well. Movement leads to more movement and productivity, so imagine what a heart rate of 180 beats per minute will do to your grogginess.    

Why  do we exercise?  

Most of us exercise to stay healthy, get fit, relieve stress, become more capable, etc.  As it turns out, caffeine helps enhance those results; everything from improved circulation, higher metabolism, and even muscle recovery.  

I am not a doctor, so don’t try to do a thousand pull ups and drink 1000 mg of caffeine (your heart might explode). I simply know how I feel when I have a caffeine and dopamine routine, and inversely when I do not.  It works for me, and I am an addict of both coffee and exercise.

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