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Our Coffee Beans

our coffee beans

Coffee is remarkably delicate and finicky, both as a plant and as a beverage. The manner in which coffee is grown, harvested, packed, and shipped has a profound impact on the quality of the bean.

Soil rich in minerals and nutrients for the coffee plant to absorb.

Imported from climates ripe for harvesting coffee beans.

Shipped immediately after harvested to preserve freshness.

roasting coffee beans

Our premium coffee blends include Arabica beans from small farmers throughout Central and South America. Disinterested in today’s common practices of coffee elitism, we roast a pure, down-to-earth blend that is focused on bold simplicity. No gimmicks. No pretentious gadgets. Just great coffee!

Light Roast - 13 minutes

Medium Roast - 14 minutes

Dark Roast - 15 minutes

How We Package Our Coffee

packaging our coffee

Vacuum sealed for freshness, our packaging specializes in keeping our coffee safe from oxidation. We also use opaque packaging specifically rated for coffee, to keep our coffee protected from light. When storing our coffee, make sure to store it in an area that is cool and dry to minimize any possible environmental effects that will detract from the quality and freshness of your morning brew!