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Protect and Serve

Protect and Serve

Is there anything better than a steaming cup of coffee on a crisp 22 degree January morning?

Maybe getting out of a speeding ticket? Close, but not quite.

I started today like any other; a hot cup, a quick workout, housework, keeping the kids alive and well, . . . all before 7 am.  After a smooth daycare drop off, I teed up Breaking the Ice Podcast – to accompany my drive into Boston.  My cup of coffee was in the cup holder. Traffic was moving a nice clip.  Overall I was feeling good.

But there is that sinking feeling in one’s stomach, that we can all agree, materializes out of nowhere in certain situations.  We all know it; the time you forget your license on your way to the airport.  Or maybe you get that unexpected call from daycare?  Heaven forbid, you ate some bad Mexican food and are miles away from the nearest restroom!  And yes, we can all agree about the feeling of looking in your rearview mirror and seeing flashing Red and Blues.

This morning, I was a hundred meters from the parking lot, and there they were.

Those flashing lights were about to throw a cog in the wheel of my pretty smooth AM routine.  My thoughts raced.  I wasn’t speeding. Everything on the vehicle is up to date.  One perk of having a Veteran plate is that it gets me out of the minor infractions.  Did I do something major?  How was I going to get home?

So I did exactly what I do every time I find myself on the side of the road parked in front of those flashing lights.

Yes, every time…listen, I’m not perfect.  I may be close, but I tend to drive somewhat . . . assertively.

Well as is turns out, nothing was wrong.  There was minor processing error with my registration, and we were both ready to go our separate ways, but the young state trooper had one final question for me.  He leaned in, looking over the rim of his sunglasses, taking note of my coffee cup in the consoler, and asked “Hey, what’s Wolf Pack Coffee?”

This was a great reminder not to sweat the small stuff.  I try (insert emphasis) to live my life as even-keeled as possible. There I was about to let this incident derail my morning.  What I thought was something negative, quickly turned into a positive.

Every day is an adventure, so keep moving, and Run With the Pack.

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